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course information below is for classes starting in September 2020


    Due to COVID-19, we are unable to take new registrations at present.  Please email jo@jamtheatre.co.uk for expressions of interest, or use the contact page to join our mailing list.


    Due to COVID-19, we are currently only publishing term dates for the Autumn Term.  Click below to download the term dates:

    Term Dates – Sept 2020


    It is important that you read out Terms & Conditions before signing up for classes.




    Terms & Conditions (PDF)


Jam Theatre Company has been running its Saturday morning theatre school
JammEd, (Secondary School Age Children) for the last 11 years with over 90 students a week.

Three years a go we started Jammy Kids for younger children and now have three classes
a week with over 120 primary school aged children.  These classes are very popular,
so register your interest early!

Our theatre schools are nothing like the experience at other organisations around, come and
see our shows, talk to our students and their parents and you will soon know why!

JammEd Saturday Theatre School

SATURDAYS • 9:30am

JammEd is a vibrant mix of all theatrical disciplines. Every Saturday has a buzz of hard work and excitement!  Students are streamed according to age and ability, and put into 4 groups.  They then rotate throughout the morning between acting, singing, dance and technical theatre.

Throughout a typical year students will get to experience a variety of different modules within acting, singing, dance and technical theatre, for example: Improvisation, Devising, Voice & Speech, Monologues, Scenes, Harmony & Ensemble Singing, Vocal Technique, Ballet, Street, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre Performance, Theatre Lighting, Live Sound, Set Design, Stage Management, Make-Up, Audition Techniques, and many many more...  No term is ever the same!

Not forgetting the fantastic opportunity of taking part in Jam's  large productions.

Each morning is finished with all the students together and encouragement certificates awarded.

As a team of professional performers and educators, we are passionate about our job, and believe firmly that the performing arts can be such a boost in self esteem, co-ordination, self discipline and confidence – as well as nurturing those who desire a future in it.


3.5 hours

11+ years (Secondary School Age)

£325 (per term x 3)

Jo Carter, Millie Drew, Kayla Carter, Mark Hartley

The Borlase Theatre
Sir William Borlase's Grammar School



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