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    Jam Creative School

    Jam's new full-time
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    Full-time sixth-form &
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    Marmalade Management

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Many of our shows are available for licensing to schools or performing arts colleges and professional theatre/production companies.  Contact us for further information!


to find out more about licensing one of our shows!

Mr Lollipop's Lonely Christmas (2016)

New show from Jo Noel-Hartley coming this Christmas!

Red Riding Hood and the 7 Dwarfs (2013)

Red was told not to leave the path, but when the Wolf blocks her way she dares to leave the path to get to Granny's house.

Lost and afraid she stumbles across the 7 dwarfs (the ones that Walt Disney rejected!) and they make it their mission to help Red to get to Granny's house and to trick the Wolf.

Professor Barmy's Song Machine (2011)

You won't believe what happens when the crazy Professor Barmy puts weird and random objects into his new machine...  they turn into SONGS!!!

The Unloved Pickle (2008)

A one act play for 3 – 10 year olds to watch and enjoy.  Based on the concept, you can't judge a book by its cover, 9 year-old Sam discovers that maybe those disgusting pickles that have been sitting in the cupboard aren't as yucky after all – when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a pickle!

Jam loves creating new and vibrant shows, sometimes to

showcase our students and often for talented professionals.


Santa's Secret Escape (2013)

It's a complete disaster!  Santa's been arrested due to a case of mistaken identity and if he doesn't get out of jail soon, there'll be no presents for anyone!

Hattie and Max, the Police Chief's children, know he is the real Santa and create an escape plan, with the help of the kids in the audience, to save Santa and Christmas!

Cinderella and the 7 Dwarfs (2014)

After helping Red Riding Hood travel safely through the rood, the 7 Dwarfs come to the rescue of Cinderella.

Cinderella is caught in mid-wish, thanks to her 'out of practice' fairy godmother!  Can the dwarfs help to get Cinders to the ball in time to meet her Prince Charming?

Spots and Stripes (2013)

Harriet Hooper can't wait to meet her new neighbours when they move in.  However she never expected a family of stripes to move into Spotsville and becomes her neighbour.

It takes a friendship between the families' daughters to help Harriet to change her opinion of these 'different' people and finally welcome them to Spotsville.

The Elves and the Shoemakers (2012)

Martin and Madge Shoemakers' business isn't doing very well.  The loving couple are kind to everyone they meet, but it doesn't sell their shoes!  Thankfully two elves, brother & sister Harley and Floss are sent on a mission from head 'elffice' to brighten up the Shoemakers' business in appreciation for their love and kindness to others.

ALice in Wonderland (2012)

Jo's version of this popular classic, specifically written for younger children to understand this bizarre and complicated storyline.

The Green Room (2013)

Set in a waiting room for a casting.  15 women meet for the first time while waiting to be seen for the next big show.  A heartfelt script that explores the complexities of different women's lives and passions.

The Mouse Who Didn't Like Cheese (2009)

Eddie Filmore is a young mouse who hates cheese.  His worst nightmare happens when his whole village finds out his secret, bringing shame to his mum and dad.  Eddie feels he has no choice but to leave town and try and find somewhere that wouldn't care about his likes and dislikes.

The Lazy Elf (2009)

Based at Santa's home at the North Pole, Larry (The Lazy Elf) can think of every excuse possible not to finish making toys for delivery on Christmas Day.  He is really Lazy!  Santa & Mrs Claus, and the other annoyed elves show Larry how important it is to do his part and be kind.  With a little help from the children in the audience Larry learns his lesson and Christmas is saved!

Dream Street (2008)

Auditions are being held for a new West End musical and is looking for undiscovered talent.  Local kids are encouraged to audition, So Jemima, Lily, Hugo & Charlie decided to go for it!  Despite coming from very different backgrounds, they each have their own personal journey and challenges to overcome, but through determination and making great new friendships, they discover that dreams can come true.

Big Fluffy Slippers (2004)

A mad inventor has kidnapped all the children in the village & turned them into puppet slaves to build his machine to make him invincible.  Is there anyone who can save the day?  And why the big fluffy slippers?  Fabulous musical numbers show that with 'Goodness, Kindness and Love' you can catch even the nuttiest of bad guys.




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