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    Jam Theatre Company

    Information on Jam's professional production, part-time training,
    holiday workshops, what's on and the jam staff.


    Jam Creative School

    Jam's new full-time
    school for children in school years 6 – 11.  The national curriculum creatively taught.


    The Jam Academy

    Full-time sixth-form &
    qualifications specialising in Performance & Production Arts.


    Jam Shop

    Jam clothing and tickets for shows.


    Marmalade Management

    Specialist agency for Jam students.


Frequently asked questions...

  • •  How do I register for classes?

    If you head to the ‘Training’ page of our website, as well as class descriptions, you will see a link on the left hand side of the page that says ‘Register for Classes’. Click here and fill in the details, and we’ll be in touch to tell you when you can start your desired class. A £50 deposit will secure your place in the class.

  • •  Do I need to re-register if I am already a student?

    We ask ALL students to register each academic year, so that means for each September Term. Let us know all the classes you want to do for that year. When you register, we assume you are staying for the entire years programme of growth and development in your chosen subject. If you add any extra classes during the academic year, register that particular class again.

  • •  What age can my child start?

    All classes have the age requirements with the class description, so head to the ‘training’ page of our website, for the age recommendation for the classes you are interested in.  Our training starts from year 1 school age, with no upper age.

  • •  Where do lessons take place?

    All classes are at JAM THEATRE STUDIOS, West Street, Marlow SL7 2LS, except ‘JAMMED’ which takes place on Saturday mornings in the theatre, music, and drama rooms at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, West Street Marlow due to the size of this popular class.

  • •  Do you do trial days?

    In general, no. If you were attending your first violin lesson, would you base the decision on whether you were going to enjoy playing the violin on that one lesson? It’s impossible! We want you to commit to one year, so that we have an opportunity to teach you, encourage you and build your confidence. You don’t have to be brilliant at everything, - that’s what we’re there for - to help you! We just ask that you give us a decent amount of time to help you, and have opportunities to perform what you’re learning. If you discover that the class really isn’t for you, you could discuss with us about swapping to another jam class, or give us notice before half term that you are not continuing. But hopefully the knowledge that we have waiting lists for all of our classes is a good indication that people enjoy what we offer, and your child will too! (JammED Saturday School has a trial day due to the years financial commitment).

  • •  When are class fees due?

    All class fees are due THE FIRST WEEK OF TERM. Any fees needing to be chased, or paid after half term will be liable to an 5% increase if there has been no communication from you.

  • •  How do I pay?

    Following your £50 deposit to secure your child’s place before the year begins, you will receive an invoice for the balance of the first term, then 2 further invoices at the start of January term and April term. The invoice, which is from Paypal, is quick and easy to use.

  • •  What’s your cancellation policy?

    As with most places, we must receive a HALF TERM’S notice in writing, if you are not continuing a class. Without this notice, we cannot give your place to someone on the waiting list. All of our classes need to be budgeted, and we can’t afford to lose or waste money, so when you attend JAM classes, you are automatically AGREEING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (You tick a box to agree to this when you register). If there is no notice given, a half terms FEES will still be PAYABLE. The only exception to this is JAMMED’s SATURDAY THEATRE SCHOOL, which is a YEARS financial commitment due to the cost of hiring the theatre, music rooms and drama studio at Borlase Grammar School.

  • •  How often do students get to perform?

    More than any other place in the country! We are passionate about the growth students achieve by performing in front of an audience, so we offer as many opportunities as possible. With approx. 14 different types of shows a year, your child will perform in at least one major show for the year, but the average student performs every term.

  • •  What qualifications do you offer?

    As a Pearsons Edexcel BTEC nominated Centre, we are pleased to offer qualifications for our Part time students to achieve BTEC Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in Performing Arts. Get in touch with mark@jamtheatre.co.uk for more information or attend our next open day. These are for those students in school year 9 and over.

  • •  I’d like to take this further.  Do you offer full-time courses?

    Yes!  THE JAM ACADEMY is a very successful SIXTH FORM in performing arts, and we also offer a FOUNDATION COURSE for those who have just finished A Levels.  For more information please see The Jam Academy website.

    For younger students we also have the JAM CREATIVE SCHOOL which started in September 2015 for secondary school aged students.!



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